Welcome to Cedar Cabins Botanical Trail, Butterfly Farm & Country Club

Cedar Cabins Botanical Trail & Butterfly Farm is located in Frank’s Eddy Village in Western Belize. It is specifically located 37 miles from Belize City, 5 miles from the Belize Zoo, and 14 miles from the nation’s capital Belmopan. Just in vicinity are some great movie and recreation theaters which you can enjoy and spend time with your loved ones. But if you are like us, then you would prefer watching movies on your smartphone with the help of Movie Box app.

This Botanical Garden lies in a Private Reserve that consists of a dense tropical forest, in an area that was once used for selective timber extraction in the early 1900’s. The area’s selective use in the past, combined with natural re-growth, conservation and reforestation efforts, have resulted in a unique mix of primary and secondary vegetation.

The trail boasts a large diversity of all native botanical species of medicinal, ornamental, spiritual and historical value. The Mahogany Tree (Sweitenia macrophylla) is common through-out the trail. This species was once a primary commodity in Belize’s economy for over a hundred years and is proudly showcased on the Belizean Flag as the country’s National Tree.  The Chicle Tree (Manilkara zapota) is also found in the trail and is a species that also holds deep roots in Belize’s history.

Bromeliads, Orchids, Ferns, Philodendrons and other epiphytes are abundant in the trail and are most commonly seen associated with the Yemeri Tree (Vochysia hondurensis) or on the bark of numerousPalm Trees that are also found through-out the trail. More than half the species highlighted in the trail are of medicinal interest. Several impressive Termite nests can also be appreciated.